DW C1 hall of fame

The DW opened up to single boats 1986 and since then 15 paddlers have completed the race in a C1, 4 of them twice and all of them men.

The DW C1 hall of fame is:

1988 Marcus Gohar – 18:09:18 (high kneeler)
1989 Marcus Gohar – 18:42:19 (high kneeler)
1992 P Wea – 22:13:55
1998 R.H.Campbell – 21:41:57
1999 A.C.Baggs – 27:11:14
2002 Russel Light – 24:49:23
2003 Arthur Haskey – 26:16:29
2004 Craig Hill – 30:32:17
2006 Arthur Haskey – 25:02:21
2008 Sean Martin – 21:11:06
Robert Campbell – 24:11:43
Simon Dale – 26:27:46
2010 Sean Martin – 20:10:28
Mike Carson – 21:09:11
James Heath – 24:13:08
2011 Anthony Wilson – 32:41:28
2012 Marcin Ponomarenkow – 19:44:35 (high kneeler)
Kevin Dobson – 25:11:51
Colin Smith – 25:51:11
2013 Anthony Wilson – 28:10:33

The first was Marcus Gohar an extraordinary athlete from Richmond Canoe Club who set the record on his first attempt in a high kneeling Delta C1. It was challenged in 2012 by Marcin Ponomarenkow also from Richmond paddling a modern high kneeler which did not have to conform to the minimum width restriction, but with low river conditions is was still too much to ask.

Marcus paddled again the year after perhaps just to prove it wasn’t a fluke but one cannot compare DW times across the years because the weather and river conditions vary so much.

Arthur Haskey a DW veteran, was the second paddler the complete the race twice winning the class both times as the only competitor. He paddled a Wenonah Advantage.

Arthur Haskey - C1 at Westminster

Arthur Haskey – C1 at Westminster

Sean Martin from Richmond Canoe Club used a Wenonah J203 C1 to complete and win twice in two of the years when there was more than one competitor. Sean developed a very efficient sit&switch paddling technique for the American spec boat.

Sean Martin - Wenonah J203

Sean Martin – Wenonah J203

Anthony Wilson has won the DW C1 twice taking the longest time of anyone to compete the 125 miles but as the only competitor in the class he could afford to take his time plus the fact that his boat must have weighed a ton!

Anthony Wilson - DW C1

Anthony Wilson – DW C1

Craig Hill from Marsport won the 2004 event in a sit&switch C1 and it is his ambition to complete the race also in a high kneeler. Unfortunately he had to abandon his only attempt (so far) due to injury.

Craig Hill - Chilli C1

Craig Hill – Chilli C1

The small number of C1 finishers reflects the tough nature of the class and no lady paddlers to date. That will change in 2014.

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