A race on the dark side, at last.

A thousand blessings on Newbury Canoe Club as they have arranged the Waterside B race to go ahead on the Waterside A course, hurrah!

So this weekend, Sunday 9th February, The Darkness will be raced in anger from Great Bedwyn to Newbury, 13.5 miles with 21 portages. Actually it will be 20 portages, as the race will finish up-stream of Newbury swing bridge with a compulsory portage through Newbury town centre. That should be interesting for the Saturday shoppers.

The girls have been testing a selection of sports energy bars over the last week with mixed reactions. The jury is still out but the banana flavour (or isoamyl acetate to give it its proper name) is showing strongly.

Waterside A - feeding plan

Waterside A – feeding plan

Hopefully it will be equally appealing during the race because I have a feeding plan for Waterside A which I hope will keep the paddlers sufficiently fuelled to the end. I discussed this with Isobel and Megan during our training day recently and I’m still not sure that they are convinced.
Hopefully I’ll be able to persuade them to eat the things they need little and often by providing support by bicycle, and the things they prefer at the static support points.

Unfortunately Isobel is unable to get the time off work so is not able to participate in the race. However, Megan will be making the trip up from Cornwall with a contingent from Fowey Canoe Club.

She has been allocated a “fast group” signing-on time which is a bit puzzling as the C1 is probably one of the slowest boat types in the event. This does mean though, they’ll be lots of boats to chase but the portages will be carnage by the time we get to them. I have advised footwear with substantial grip!

The weather is looking promising with next to no rain forecast for this week and hopefully into the weekend, because after what we’ve put up with, I think we deserve a break.

So, I’ve just got to get through this week and not worry too much as although I’m not even racing, I’m as nervous as an expectant father. (wish I smoked!)

If you see Megan on water, please give her your support and if you see her in the water, please give her your help.

Go girl!

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