In the words of Victor Meldrew..

I don't believe it!

I don’t believe it!

Just seen on Facebook that buoyancy aids are to made compulsory for all paddlers on Waterside B (on the A course) This is ridiculous, the K&A is a CANAL for heaven’s sake.

Most of the Waterside paddlers are vastly experienced athletes and several months into training for the Devizes to Westminster. Many have paddled this canal section during the floods. They have also paddled far faster and more challenging stretches of water on their own.

So come Sunday when there will be marshals, bank support, hundreds of other paddlers and many people on the bank, competitors have to wear a buoyancy aid. This smacks of Nanny State and H&S for the sake of it.

OK, it’s fair that Juniors have to wear them, but it’s Megan’s first WS as a senior and she was so looking forward to not having to wear a BA.

But far worse than that, the BA will obscure all my darkside branding and strap lines! 🙂 All that commitment and investment to promote the brand and it will all be covered up! It’s too late to get branded buoyancy aids, didn’t think we’d need them.

For those who choose to wear a BA, that’s your decision based on your own risk assessment, but we are all grownups and are capable of making up our own minds.

What is the world coming to!

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