First test as a C2

Following the single paddler test, I set the boat up with two seating positions. I positioned the forward paddler at the extreme rear position of the K2 footrest and the rear paddler with the footrest 40 cms beyond the most extreme setting.

Double seat configuration

Double seat configuration

I took the boat to Pewsey wharf and managed to persuade John to take the front position, although he’d never paddled a C2 before. With lots of talking about which side we were paddling, we set off along the canal.

Stability was OK, but not great, but that may just be due to the lack of C2 experience. It was the appalling tracking which surprised me. Once the boat started to veer one way, it was difficult to get it back, and the forward paddler was better able to correct it. This is contrary to the accepted practice of rear paddler steering. It seemed to improve once the boat was moving more quickly.

Minimum rocker

Minimum rocker

Most C2s have minimal or zero rocker as does mine, so I’m reluctant to change that.

I had hoped to position the paddlers closer together towards the middle of the boat where there is more buoyancy, but I may have to accept C2 traditional design concepts and move them towards the ends to improve steering.

I think I’ll remove more of the rear deck and shift the paddler position further back.

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