C2 conversion – re-positioned seats.

Got a call from John this morning, even though he’s on nights, he offered to help test the new seat arrangement on the C2 conversion, top bloke! John has completed the DW eleven times. Three senior K2s (3rd, 6th, 2nd) and nine K1s, the best time being 17 hrs 23 mins. A kayak paddler, he has had next to no experience of the dark side.

Anyway, I set the GoPro up on what’s left of the rear deck and we put in at Pewsey wharf.

First impression was a significant improvement in being able to control the direction. The main issue was the lack of stability, mainly due to the rear footrest not being properly attached to the gunwales. However, our confidence grew as we progressed and I reckon John could make it on the dark side.

Repositioned seating

Repositioned seating

The boat went better than I had expected, which can be seen on YouTube:

The main conclusions are:

1. Need to fix the rear footrest to the gunwale.
2. The position of the rear paddler towards the back of the boat does help steering.
3. The production boat must be significantly wider and more stable. This will help with more aggressive steering strokes.
4. The boat will be quick, but how would it compare to the Wenonah ICF?
5. More time is needed on the water.

A racing C2 this sort of shape and size looks a promising proposition.

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