Pangbourne Haslar

Paddled The Darkness in the Pangbourne Haslar yesterday. Thirty seven boats on the start of the Div 7 race.

Gathering before the start.

Gathering before the start.

I decided to start out of the way on the left hand side. My start was better than Longridge but the kayaks quickly accelerated away.
The start.

The start.

I managed to keep about 15 boats at bay before the turn, but as I struggled to turn the boat, 3 or 4 zipped inside and on the outside of me.
The turn.

The turn.

I chased them all to the finish, getting the better of a couple, but I was disappointed that two pipped me by 6 and 10 seconds. I finished in 39 minutes 16 seconds, 4 minutes behind the winner and 28th position out of 37 starters.

I mounted the GoPro on the rear of the boat before the start. Some excerpts can be seen on YouTube:

An excellent and well organised event, good fun too.

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