The Double Darkness is coming

An exciting email today from Neal, the Naval Architect who is turning my ideas for a two man version of The Darkness, into a C2.

I know from testing a concept boat converted from a K2, that it will work. The challenge is how to expand the C1 shape into a larger version, incorporating the lessons we learnt from testing.

It isn’t just a case of stretching and widening The Darkness, there are a whole load of fluid dynamics algorithms to process to ensure that it will perform properly on the water and support the weight and power output from two paddlers.

These are still early days, but it’s great to see some tangible progress.

The Double Darkness, still in the womb!

The Double Darkness, still in the womb!

We still need to complete the fairing and refinement, plus we want to incorporate the gunwale flange which supports a spay deck into the main moulding, so we don’t have to add it later after the main boat infusion, as we do for the C1.

This should help reduce weight, enable faster production and help keep costs down. We shall see.

I’m increasingly optimistic that we’ll have a boat ready for DW 2015.

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