Double Darkness – nearly there

In between eating, drinking and watching tele, Neal found some time to work on the new C2 design. He’s completed work on the gunwales and further refined the shape.

Refined CAD design

Refined CAD design

The waterline (blue horizontal line) for a crew with the combined weight of 195 kgs has been defined, as has the virtual point of buoyancy.

We’re going to raise the rear deck a little more. We also need to round-off the hard edge along the sides to avoid the acute angle and help the carbon fabric to lay better. If we can get the mould release angles right, we should be able to manufacture the boat in two simple halves.

C2 plan view

C2 plan view

I also want to put a continuous flange along the length, and on both sides of the cockpit on the inside of the boat to support the seats and footrests. This will allow the seats and footrests to be positioned absolutely anywhere within the cockpit. This will also improve the longitudinal rigidity.

C2 angled view

C2 angled view

I can see this boat also working well as a C1, with the paddler sat in the middle, especially for well built athletes. At 21′, it will be longer than the Wenonah J203 at 18′ 6″, but without the big “arse”. It should be quicker, but we shall see.

Once the CAD data is complete, we’ll be off to get the plug milled on a massive machine.

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