First boat has left the mold

The first boat is now built. Both sides were laminated and joined in the mold, and it came out really well. It looks stunning in “naked” carbon fibre.

Black, shiny and naked!

Black, shiny and naked!

We opted for a thin layer of gel-coat and a carbon-kevlar-carbon “sandwich”, which created 600 grams of weight/thickness. We used polyester resin which is recommended for the first boat in a new mold. (Don’t ask me why. It was explained but I just nodded and smiled!!)
The underside.

The underside.

The internal flanges which support the seats and footrests give the boat massive stiffness and rigidity. Once the thwarts, seats and footrests are secured, it will be even more rigid and we may consider reducing the amount of materials to lower the weight and cost.
Flanges for seats and footrests.

Flanges for seats and footrests.

The boat currently weighs in at 13.5 kgs. Once I’ve fitted it out, it should be about 15 kgs.
Just get me on that water!

Just get me on that water!

There still remain a number of tasks to complete before the boat is ready for its maiden voyage. These include:

• Smooth the external join surface
• Shape and smooth the cockpit rim
• Add thin layer of resin to cockpit rim to smarten up
• Reduce width of seat/footrest flanges to 5cms
• Make seats (may use Gees platform kayak racing seats)
• Make footrest with pull bars (will start with basic footrests)
• Add central thwart (35mm carbon tube)
• Add front thwart (positioned to enable front paddler to use to get-up/lower-down to seat)
• Add rear thwart (positioned to enable rear paddler to use to get-up/lower-down to seat)
• fix skateboard grip tape to reduce risk of slipping when embarking/disembarking
• Add buoyancy bags in bow and stern
• Add portage handle to front deck
• Add portage handle to rear deck
• Fix the name stickers
• Add a racing number holder

The maiden voyage is planned for Wednesday 9th December 2015.

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