First workshop boat

I wanted to setup the workshop properly before I attempted the first boat. I got a whole load of timber for free from a building site, which was destined for the fire, and built the work benches, trestles and racks for the boats. I also bought a number of new power tools and other equipment, plus 20 metres of various carbon and carbon/kevlar fabrics.

As I want to use vacuum bagging and infusion techniques, there is a mass of different materials required, plus resin, hardener, a pump, catch pot and various tubes and valves.

Workshop view 1

I’ve got the floor covered where I’m likely to drop resin. I’ve made an A frame on wheels for all the materials. It can be wheeled out of the way.

Workshop view 2

It’s amazing how much can be squeezed in, and I’ve still got the roof space.

Workshop view 3

We’ve started on the first Duet C2 using Epoxy resin and vacuum bagging.

Duet under vacuum

The place looked quite big until we needed 7 metres of flat surface to cut the fabric for a C2.

Cutting fabric

Obviously we’re learning along the way and next time we’ll use the flanges of the mold for the bagging material and not literally, a bag which measures 7.5 metres x 2 metres.

The point is, I am now in control of if, when but particularly how I make the boats. Before, the boats were made of three layers of carbon-carbon/kevlar-carbon over the whole surface area of the boat. I want to be more targeted and place strength where it’s needed and reduce the weight where it isn’t. I also want to strategically placed core materials for stiffness and strength.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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